Test Centre Online ASC Student Services
If your class is writing ON CAMPUS - plan to write in-person and book your session with the test centre more than 7 business days in advance of the test date.  Where-ever possible, the test should be booked for the same time/date the class is writing.  However, if the test date and/or time is outside the operational hours of the test centre, you may need to alter the date or time you write.  Please email testcentre@durhamcollege.ca and your teacher if you require assistance.
If your class is writing virtually (remotely) most accommodations can be provided by your teacher and no booking is required.  
If you require a Reader or Scribe you may qualify for a virtual/remote service.
Invigiliation hours are Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm in-person.
Remote Testing for select and limited accommodations will be provided via MS Office 365.  During the booking process you will be asked which method of invigilation you would prefer, but this does not mean it will be available. Please note your selection is pending approval by the faculty member (in other words: your teacher may indicate that you must write-in person even if you preferred to write virtually).  All bookings are to be in-person unless you receive an email confirmation from the Test Centre (TC) indicating otherwise.
Missed tests are booked by your teacher. See website for details.