Welcome to the Access and Support Centre Volunteer Note taker website.

The Access and Support Centre proudly provides service and support to more than 2300 students annually. The ASC provides support to students with exceptionalities in receiving equitable education opportunities. Peer note taking helps to reduce the impact of a visible or invisible exceptionality. As a peer note taker you can make a difference for your peers who require this service.

What's in it for you?

Other than making a difference in someone's life, the ASC would be happy to provide recognition of your contributions over this term towards your co-curricular record and/or a letter of recognition. Being a volunteer note taker is a great way to boost your resume, and enhance your own notetaking skills.

We thank you in advance for your interest in aiding your peers in their academic achievement.

How to register

Please complete your registration by following these next steps.

Step One: Go to the "Courses/Notes" tab

Step Two: Create your note taker profile and select the courses that you are interested in being a volunteer note taker for.

(Please note: all of the courses that you are registered in will automatically show up in your availability. Just click in the "I am no longer…" drop down menu to select the course that you do not wish to take notes for and click on the "remove this course button")

Step Three: Upload your sample notes, and wait to receive an email once you have been selected to become a note taker.